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Vorian Funeral Rites

Vorian funerals are a hive based event. Connected together by their makeshift families Vorians feel a particular need to celebrate their dead but to also not forget them. They manage this in two ways. First is the rite itself which consists of burying the dead with a tree sapling near but outside of the full on Hive. With them is buried the most prized possessions, often childhood toys or blankets. These are meant to comfort the soul as it travels to what ever new life awaits it. After the burial inside the central building of the hive their name is added to the registry of honored hive members. No living soul makes it onto this list and as such it is a remembrance of the dead.   After the burial and registration, a feast begins in favor of the dead. These are meant to be happy times where much of the Hive gets intoxicated with what ever alcohol the hive has on hand and spends there time dancing and feasting. It is a strange sight for those not of the hive as often the Vorians are considered a somber people.


As far as any remember these rites have stood as long as the Vorian have followed this practice to a religious mater.

Components and tools

There is a book for which the names are kept in. This book is only for names of the departed. Some hives have specific and rather obscenely elaborate shovel that are only used to dig the hole for the burial.


The leader of the Hive is expected to break the ground for the burial and then the family of the deceased, if able, dig the rest. If they are not then the most able bodied of the Hive will take up the task themselves. The feast that follows is a thing put together by the rest of the hive in which any help from the deceased's family is considered an insult upon the rest of the Hive.


Funeral rites are always observed on the first day of the week, unless timing will not allow.

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