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Vorian Vasps

The Vorian Vasps are a ethnicity and culture found among the Vasps of the Realm of Alpha. Despite the often solitary nature of many other Vasps, Vorians tend to live in large extended family and friends groups. They are called Hives by the Vorians, though other less pleasant names have been made up by both the majority of Vasps but the other species of Alpha. They live on the highlands of the Eastern ridge, a place where the usually marshy lands of Reed, the central planet of the Realm of Alpha. There in the comparative dry of the Highlands a stripe of land which is mostly abandoned by the rest of the world of Reed the Vorians build their great Hives.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Vorians take in place of a family name, a name form their Hive. These tend to be rather long and are often not used except for the most formal of occasions.

Other names

The chosen name of a Vorian is always something with a hard short version at front. It may be Korentalia, with the shortened version being just Kor. The short version is given to them by their parents at birth but the rest is up to the Vorian themselves to add to.


Gender Ideals

Vorian have a more equal role in genders and most specifically in family and raising of children. All of the family is involved with the raising of young.

Relationship Ideals

Vorians are more family oriented than those of the majority of Vasps. This has an impact on Vorian's relationships. It is expected for a family to produce children. This is heavily pushed on all Vorian even from a young age. However despite this gay relationships are not frowned upon. They are often encouraged to have polyamorous relationships so as to have a family member of equal standing and age who can provide the missing parts. This tends to be the case of how such families work out and a majority of Vorian family units are made up of three partners with those with four being more common than those with only two. One of the more disliked aspects of Vorian culture is that they have much laxer rules on inter-sibling relationships of a sexual nature. They are just as strict as anyone else that there must not be children that result in those activities but that otherwise they only bring a family closer. As such it is not uncommon for a single Vorian to marry a pair of siblings.

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