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Bna Nim

When grandpa died we brought him into deads drop, the last places the living see the dead. We all went down the road. Mum, Dad and Akka. Dad and Akka carried Grandpa on a stretcher made of white linen and two wooden poles. Grandpa was already wrapped in his last gown. It was very silent and noone spoke, a tear rolled down mums face when we turned the corner into the dead drop and after we had all said goodbye, dad and Akka shoved the dead body down the chute, where it would be than collected by the corpseshifters to be then dried and burned. Walking back to our home on the outskirts noone spoke a word until Akka broke the silence, speaking about the evening meal, but I did neither hear nor understand what he spoke, I only felt the emptyness in my heart and a feeling, like my guts were clenched very tightly together.


It has been around since the days of the first outcasts who founded a settlement deeper in the desert of Gnahhr. Its' purpose is to stop the spread of diseases some of the exiled carried with them.


First the dead body is prepared by burrowing it in the pit of evershifting sands, which then extracts all of the moisture out of the corpse. After retrieving the body 1 week later, the remains are burned in a everburning fire outside of the city the first settlement of the exiled had grown to be.

Components and tools

There are little to no components needed the body is only tied to a rope, to keep it from vanishing in the pit of the evershifting sands.


People who perform this rite are mostly the ones who already suffer from a deadly disease or the ones who are willing to die.


Every day of the year, that is everytime someone dies, this ritual can be observed, but best from a safe distance, so one does not get infected by the dead bodies.

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