Death in Vithala

After someone dies in Vithala, they will eventually make their way to Nil, one of the capitals of the Necromancy Islands. There, their bodies and spirits will rest and be remembered.   People say that the spirits of the fallen help to produce fruit in the Evergrowth. It is unsure as to whether these are just words of comfort or actual fact.


When someone dies in the Archipelago, their family, or whomever, can report that and have them taken to Pyre, one of the Necromancy Islands. There, their bodies are put into a state where they will not decompose.   Once a month, the public is banned from Nil & Nor for three days. On this day, a great ceremony is held in Pyre, where all the dead from the past month are remembered. Loved ones or representatives go up and speak about each of the fallen, as the bodies are brought across the stage. These ceremonies are communal events of mourning and celebration, that almost mimic graduation ceremonies, as their spirits are moving on to the next stage in their existence. After crossing the stage, the bodies are put into wooden coffins.   When the ceremony is over, all the coffins are released into the ocean. They follow a path formed by will-o-wisps and make their way towards Nil. Once they reach the island, The Guardian of Necromancy emerges and buries all of the coffins. The next night, along the same will-o-wisp lit path over the water, lily pads float back to pyre, one for each of the deceased. On the lily pad is a flower that if consumed, will let the person know where their dead is buried. They are allowed to visit from the next day onwards. On the next day however, only those who consumed petals of the flower are allowed to visit the island.


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