A Wood Elf's Funeral in the Tel'kar

This article was not written from an Elvish perspective, the information in this article is accurate but prejudice influences the tone of the article.

We've made a disturbing discovery. It seems that the pureblood Wood Elves in the Tel'kar have discovered their ancient funeral rites. As expected of Galawain's children, it's rather grotesque. Nonetheless there are more disturbing implications, these rites are making them stronger with every death. Considering we're talking about the Wood Elves, this could become a problem.
Drakkengard Emissary
  Even in the Tel'kar this rite is considered savage, only practiced by the Wood Elves who have regained their ancient bloodline. [1]


It is not in a Wood Elf's nature to wait idly. A funeral is no exception; rather than allow a Wood Elf to die of old age, disgracing Galawain, a Wood Elf that starts physically declining gets frequently challenged to combat.  


These fights are always to the death, adhering to Galawain's belief that life is fulfilled when one struggles for survival. This rite pays tribute to Galawain as the challenged prove themselves worthy of surviving, demonstrating that their experience and wisdom compensates for their age. Otherwise the challenger learns from defeating their foe in a fight, the challenged having passed their skills on to the next generation.   In true Galawain fashion, there is a prize to be won. The victor of the challenge then consumes the corpse of the fallen to gain their strength, leaving the leftovers for younger Wood Elves and scavengers.  


For strong individuals, tournaments are held to determine who is most worthy to challenge the aging. This often results in dozens of half eaten corpses and scavengers celebrating in a grotesque feast.  


Unrelated to Wood Elf culture, through the use of blood magic citizens of the Tel'kar gain power by enduring unfathomable pain and suffering, allowing the average commoner to rival most war veterans in combat. [1]   Yet one of Galawain's gift to the Wood Elves is the ability to obtain memories from consuming the flesh of the freshly slain. This would allow a Wood Elf to not only absorb decades of knowledge but also a lifetime of suffering. [2]  
The implications of this amalgamation between Wood Elf tradition and Tel'kar's culture are disturbing. The thought of a Wood Elf with such power. For if they were to declare war on us, we may not stand a chance unless we find more allies. And few would dare to face such an opponent.
Drakkengard Lorekeeper


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13 Jul, 2018 07:53

Your quote under Significance doesn't work correctly. Even if this allows a wood elf to gain memories, how does this make the wood elves stronger as a whole?

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Whoops. It seems like I forgot to mention a few things under Significance. Also added a few footnotes to clarify

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Thanks! I'm glad to see people like this odd interpretation and that it's also cohesive!