Funeral Rites of the Raven Queen

A small bowl of incense, burned to ash, a single coin, and a sincere prayer are all that are needed for a respectful send-off to the Raven Queen.


The Raven Queen stands against Vecna and his undead minions. Undeath is a subversion of the natural order, which the Raven Queen holds primary above all. The strings of fate unwind from her hands, and though she does not weave the fates, she does keep them and protect them.   Things don't just happen, but follow a set pattern. When a hero strays from the norm, the Raven Queen might take notice and bring that hero under her wing... or not. Beyond her abhorrence of undeath, the Raven Queen is a mysterious force, and unknowable until one take her hands to be led to whatever death has in store.


Simple and subtle, funerary rites in honor of the Raven Queen highlight the quiet deeds of average people, living their fullest lives in the time they are granted.

Components and tools

Inexpensive incense in a shallow bowl, any coin (copper, silver, or gold makes no difference)


Though only a select few worship the Raven Queen directly, her clergy are viewed with equal amounts of love and hate throughout the lands. Some view the arrival of a priest of the Raven Queen as an ill-omen, while others view it as deliverance from grief. Some followers of the Raven Queen have nothing to do with ministering to the people and instead spend their lives eliminating undead from the world in her service.


Though not all people in the world recognize the Raven Queen as the diety of Death, all respect the inevitability of it.


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