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Laiosa Funeral Rites


For the Laiosa, fire is the most important element in life. Being fire dragons that can take esseni form, fire and heat are simply second nature to them, and inundates all aspects of their life and culture.   As such, funeral pyres were the obvious choice to honor their dead. Unfortunately, the flames proved too weak, and the body remained unharmed. The thought of burying their dead didn't sit well with them. Fire was the highest honor, but if it wasn't hot enough to harm the body.... How was this to work? It was then that a young Laiosa turned and gazed upon the many volcanos dotting their island.   Surely that would be hot enough...?


The Laiosa will travel in a group, carrying the remains of their loved one. Some may travel in esseni (human) form, while others will travel in their true splendor as dragons. The procession is respected by all who see it, Laiosa will pause in whatever they're doing to bow their heads in respect, or offer a flame to the open air.   The funerary procession will travel as far as is necessary to reach the mouth of the largest caldera on Laios. A prayer is recited, wishing for the deceased to return peacefully to the God of Death and be reborn anew. The body of the deceased is then let go, dropped into the mouth of the volcano.

Components and tools

  1. Funerary Precession
  2. Volcano


The ceremony is rather small, closed to all except for the closest family and friends of the deceased.


Laiosa funerary rites are carried out whenever a Laiosa passes away. Even those who pass on abroad or die as Knights often request that their remains are returned to Laios so they may be cremated appropriately.

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