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Funeral rites of the Cult of Hunger

The Saint of Predators honors the dead in ritualistic consumption. Once the body is eaten whatever remains is no longer considered part of the dead that has become one with the Hunger. Instead it is seen as carrion to be left for scavengers or hidden to keep the Cult safe.


When the Hunger ascended to that of a Deity it already had a number of followers who worshiped the creature out of fear and respect. When one of the followers died they ritually prepared the body and served it to the creature in hopes they would not be eaten themselves. When their master became Saint and ascended they continued the ritual in hopes their God would hear their prayers.


The body is cleaned and stripped of its clothing, blood from the corpse is then used to draw holy symbols upon the brow, below the lips, and upon the stomach with one of the priests using their own blood if the dead does not have usable blood.   The body is laid upon the ground during the twilight hours, in locations where the Cult is in power the body is placed upon the road between the village and the wilderness, while the more secretive cults will either hide the body deep in the woods or within an hidden location where the Cult holds its ceremonies.   Then the priest will call upon the Hunger itself, this is done by accepting a part of the ravenous craving the deity holds and either casting it into an predator or keeping it within their own body. Then the being afflicted with the ravenous need is set loose upon the corpse to be eaten. Should the corpse be too large or the afflicted devourer too small the body will either be left for scavengers or disposed of to hide the Cult.

Components and tools

Clean water and a bone dagger are all that is needed.


There are three roles that can be dictated to any depending on the number of participants. One to ritually clean the body, one to draw upon the body in blood, and one to eat the corpse.

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