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Burial in Orromy

Death and burials are of great importance in Orromy. In life, people strive to become godlike, but the final step of reuniting with the perfect Creator is only achieved through death. Natural death is seen as being called home by Orrus and is a time to be celebrated even as the living mourn and remember the deceased. Funeral rites start before a person has died as a priest conducts a series of final prayers over the dying. After death, more prayers are spoken, and the body is cleansed with holy oil. For the next two days, the body is left out for members of the family to say any final goodbyes. Afterwards, the body is sent to a mortuary to be wrapped in linens and placed in a casket. A week after death, a funeral service is held. The casket is placed in the church while prayers, songs, and scripture passages are read for the benefit of the living. Anyone who could be considered close to the deceased such as family, friends, and colleagues would be permitted to attend. Afterwards, the body is taken to a cemetery and buried. More prayers are read over the casket as it's lowered into the ground. The gravestone is set over the casket. It typically contains the deceased's name, birth date and death date, and a meaningful passage of scripture. The immediate family of the deceased wear only dark colors and plain clothing while they mourn. Eighty-two days later, a memorial service is held for the general community. People typically write out stories, anecdotes, or memories relating to the deceased. At this point, the mourning process is considered over and people are expected to move on with their lives.   While most people harbor feelings of sadness over a death, the scripture passages contain messages of hope for the soul. The prayers are meant to help guide the spirit back to the Creator and remind the people of how they should live their lives so that they may be reconnected with the deceased in the afterlife.

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