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Funerals in the land of fire and ash

In the land of fire and ash they put their people that die in the walls of the caves. They put the people that die vertical in the out coves of these caves. Then they place in front of the body two glow stones, letting people know that they are there. Usually in every cave that is being used as a funereal area has in it it a pool of lava. Generally it lays in the center of the cave. The reason the people seek out caves with lava pools in the caves is they believe it brings rebirth to the dead. The largest funeral cave on the land of fire and ash is in the town Conro. In the center of this cave there is a pool of lava then there is four rings around the pool of lava they all have people in the rings and it is almost full. Once the caves that they have are ful they extend it out and make more room some times they make new ones but that is rare. They built one above ground once after the five minute war happened. They people that had a died from disease they rap there body like mummies. The kings and queens have a special resting place the put them in a coffin and put them in the cave of kings and queens. If a king or queen dies by disease the rap him or her like a mummy then put her or him in a coffin and then put them in the cave of queens and kings. Great warriors are put in a spiecal cave called the cave of the great warriors the put the great warriors in catacombs horizontal in this cave. Next to them they put there armor next to them if they do not have a hire to take the title and the armor. This is how people in the land of fire and ash take care of the dead people.

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