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Royal Dwarven Funeral Rites

"A dwarven funeral varies greatly depending on the caste of the dwarf in question, but none are as elaborate as those held for the Rune Priests and Khagan of the Khauzats. I was incredibly honored to be allowed to attend that of Khagan Gilthur Gorunn"
— Rolant Rast


In total a funeral for a rune priest or khagan lasts three weeks with each week being dedicated to a different part of the funeral. The first is known as the Week of Mourning. For this week all work in the Khauzat stops while the Rune Priests prepare the body and perform the rituals required to ensure the deceased soul arrives in Ysgard. On the final day of this week, a grand procession is held as the body is taken to its resting place deep in the Khauzat, where the individual's wealth and possessions are sealed away alongside them.   This begins the Week of Celebration. Daily feasts are held in honor of the fallen as the Khauzat celebrates the soul of the deceased joining The Allfather in his Great Khauzat on Ysgard. Separate feasts are held for each caste of dwarves. Mountain dwarves have the most luxurious feasts, which typically are continuous for the whole week. Hill dwarves feasts are somewhat more basic and have periodic breaks. This is one of the rare occasions Duergar are allowed to celebrate, but only for an hour each day as they are responsible for bringing much of the Khauzat's industry back up and running.   The final week is known as Week of Deliberation. The purpose of this week is for the Rune Priests to choose someone to fill the position of the deceased. In the case of a new Rune Priest, they will seal themselves away for the duration of the week and debate which of their acolytes deserves the position. If a new Khagan must be selected then each day the head of a clan can petition the rune priests for the role, and a choice is made on the final day.

Components and tools

To prepare the body the rune priests use a number of different oils and spices, as well as magical spells to preserve the body and purify the soul. Food and ale for the feasts are supplied by the other Khauzats. This is due to the exceptionally large amount consumed over the week is beyond the capabilities of a single Khauzat to produce. While the rune priests conduct their debates they are supplied with food, drink, and incense to stimulate the senses.


The Rune Priests are the most important individuals during the funeral as the conduct and direct the entire process. Participation and attendance of each part of the funeral process is mandatory for all dwarves of the Khauzat and failing to do sue is punished with exile. During the procession, the body of the deceased is carried by their immediate family as they are led by the Rune Priests. The ruin priest organize the feasts for the mountain dwarves and with the family being guests of honour. Hill dwarves feasts are organized by individual clans.

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