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The return to the clay


This tradition comes from the Khwezi's legacy. It is believed that Khwezi, the creator, formed life from the clay scattered around Avalan. As every being will return to the great cycle of life and death upon his passing, it is believed they will at some point meet Kwhezi herself. People believe that with each revolution of the cycle, the essence of a being will change, as each life will modify it. So, to make sure that Kwhezi recognize her creations, they try to infuse this essence with the original clay. Thus, the rites of the return to the clay were born.


This tradition is a form of burrying with these few particularities:
1-The dead body must be stripped of everything, so that he goes back to the earth in the same way he was born.
2-The corpse is then covered in a thin layer of red-earth clay, formally giving him back to the "mold"
3-The burial ground must not be marked by any means. It is the memory of the deceased that will keep its location, and if one forgets where the burial ground is, then it was meant to be.

Components and tools

The relatives can dig the hole with any tool they see fit, but they must be the ones to do it, they must also be the one covering the body in clay.


While only the closed relatives can prepare the body and dig the hole, usually the whole tribe or village will come to tell stories of the deceased at the time he is put down to the earth, and when night comes, they will organize a feast through the whole night to honor is passing.


If at all possible, the preparation has to be made in the early morning, working under the rising sun. The actual burial will then be held as the sun sets down, so that the relatives will spend an entire day honoring the dead.

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