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Emperor Funerals

Throughout the years that The Empire was still alive, many emperors died and were replaced by other emperors that eventually, also died, so a funeral template needed to be done, so that the people would know what was going to happed after an important death like that.


At the start of the empire, every emperor designed its own funeral though its life, so when he died, he would have the funeral that he wanted (the emperor was always a male human by law, and since no one opposed, it remained like that until it collapsed). Since Romanov Tiff assumed the title of emperor, he decided to have a funeral which all the people from his native city would remember. And so he did; the plan was to give every single habitant of Overt a new private ship. Lots of consequences would follow that decision, but from there, every single emperors funeral would be celebrated instead of cried.


Every single funeral was different, but all of them had one thing in common: No one was allowed to cry or be sad. This was like this for a simple reason: the people needed to know that The Empire wasn't going to fall after one emperor died, in order to keep the hope in the empire and its massive power. As a very important person, the emperors were the base of the hope of the entire Empire, and if for whatever reason the emperor got sick or ill, the people would start thinking about chaos and death, so the celebration was made up in order to keep the order among citizens, and also trying that the people wouldn't forget about it.

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