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Funerals in the Archipelago

The Northern Archipelago is home to a scattered nation of humans, legally under one banner but comprised of different tribes and factions. However, most originated from the same place, and as such their burial and funeral rites follow the same process.


The ritual has changed slightly since its inception. At the beginning, rituals were performed on any specific morning or evening and solely with one singer, but with the arrival of assorted druidic priests in 487 AA, the available days were confined to Sulst evening and Est morning. Evening rituals without burial would send the body out to sea or to a lake on a flaming barge, but this became too expensive as of 250 AA, and now it is only performed as such in the city of Mara on Tharumenaireskytha Island. In 68 AA, with the reconquering of the Île, fire was reintroduced in Valitoft as an homage to the people's homecoming.


For morning ritual, a choir or cantor will begin to sing as the sun rises. Fire braziers are lit in a circle around the group, as the body is placed on a slab, sometimes placed into a coffin. A druid will enter, and begin chanting prayers with a burning incense stick, until the golden hour is complete. After the sun has risen, family will share memories, and the druid and choir will chant one last time, after which point they disband, and prepare for burial.
For evening ritual, the same process is followed, but the singing begins the second the sun ushers the evening's golden hour, and family sentiments do not start until the sun has set.

Components and tools

Druids will often carry staffs with incense sticks at the ends to wave over the body. Additionally, the body is buried holding a wooden circle with a hexagon inscribed, a symbol of the Old Ones.


A druid priest (one in each archipelago town) attends the funeral and recites earthen prayers and spells. There is additionally often a choir during a funeral in Valitoft. Often times, local healers will attend.


Funerals in the Northern Archipelago take place in the evenings of Sulst and the mornings of Est, depending on the day of the week when the deceased died.

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