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Grief Protocol

Your aimless wondering across the station brings you here. This dark corridor of dark grey metal, barely lit by a dim blue light spilling through a closed door. A little mist licks the walls near it. You can already feel the cold from where you're standing. Echoing from inside the room, you hear:

??????? ?: Cryopod 801, 16 degrees. Wakening.
Curious, you enter.
??????? ?: Patient 801 waking. Welcome.
Every information on your medical state is available on the screen of your Cryopod, number 801.
Inside, rows of cryopods in a white room. The floor is covered in the same mist. The cold bites you at every step. A crane places a cryopod in the center of the room. Inside the metal box is a naked man drowned in waht seems to be a slimy blueish liquid. Approaching the pod, you look inside to see the man's face. It's... It's... Wait what the....?!
You put your hand on the window separating you from the body, reading the information on the screen. Suddenly, a message appears:

Access Granted.
Cryopod Opened.

Before you get to process the thought, the window slides open letting the liquid fall out with the body which you barely catch. Cables connected to the arms get ripped off as his wait catches you off guard and makes you fall to the ground.
??????? ?: Welcome to Station 0

STATION 0: The liquid that is filling your lungs will give you violent nausea and you will be forced to disgorge it. How ever, do not fear: as long as you are connected to your cryopod, the syringes will feed into your body oxygen and nutriments your cells will need to recover from this traumatic experience. Do not leave your cryopod prematuraly, as your muscles are not ready to peform any kind of exercice and you will not be able to feed yourself nor to breath on your own.
That face... It's you! What is happening? What's going on?! Why are you seing yourself?! This can't be real! You push the body aside and crawl your way backwards to a safe distance away from that. This is more than you can take in... First appearing here out of nowhere and now THAT?
STATION 0: It seems your HME is activated, and should be here to assist you in your reeducation. You are now BRAIN DEAD and have been declared deceased. Do not fear: your HME is here to solve that problem. HME S0.801 will now proceed to verify the machinary is active and well in place. Your mind has been uploaded thanks to your E.S.T.A.I. file. You are SAVED.

The grief Protocol will be launched in 3... 2... 1...

You don't understand... This really is you?!


????: Hello. I'm sorry for what you just had to go through. My name is Yuki, and I'm in charge of welcoming you here as well as helping you cope with some bad news I will have to explain to you... This is a prerecorded message, Patient 801. I insist that you listen to me very carefully, and once I'm done with my explanations I'll join you to have a conversation. Right now, I'm somewhere on the Station, but as soon as a cryopod opens I am informed through some kind of cellphone you could say. This means I'm already on my way to assist you. Meanwhile, make sure your body stays inside the cryopod, the slightest damage could mean a permanent death for you...
What is she saying? You can't understand. You don't want to. Where are you


It's okey... Shush now... It's going to be fine. I'm here to take care of you, child. I'm here to protect you. Sleep now. Sleep...

Twinkle... Twinkle... Little Star...
How I... Wonder... What you are...


Welcome to Station 0, patient 801!
Today is the 27.11.2120
You just woke from a cryostasis!


Surname: ETHERIC
Given Name: MARKUS
Nationality: BRITISH
Sex: M
Height: 1,92
Colour of Eyes: BLUE
Date of Birth: 07.12.2054
Place of Birth: LONDON
E.S.T.A.I. File Number: AA12873
HME ID: S0.801


Cryopod Status: OPEN | 16°C

Medical Information

Age: 27
Body temperature: 16 degrees
Nutriment levels: LOW
Cryopod Connection: DISCONNECTED
F.E.D.I. report: BRAIN DEAD
Twinkle twinkle little star, how I morn what you are
Prose | Jul 31, 2018
Condition | Jul 31, 2018
HME S0.001
Character | Jul 31, 2018
YUKI: So... I don't know how to tell you this, so here goes: We lost. We lost against our greed, against our unwillingness to fight our own faults and we lost to change. Humanity as we know it... Is gone. I'm sorry to say that we couldn't save every one either. This isn't about making choices. This is our failure, and we're... I'm sorry for that. If I could have, none of us would have to deal with this.
As your mind slowly slips away from this unforgiving world of pain and sorrow, a song rings in your ear, sang by the same voice as the woman speaking to you through the speakers... Only... Softer... It's like this one was... whispering in your ear...

Twinkle... Twinkle...

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