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The High Retreat

The high retreat is a refuge for the population of the main island in the Southern Isles in case of storms or pirate attacks. Located 500 feet up the Sky Piercer mountain on the island, it holds storerooms full of non-perishable or magically suspended foods and water supplies for use when events require. Also inside are armories, barracks and other related rooms. Outside on the mountain side is a terrace that faces north.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the High Refude is to act as a place of safety for the people when circumstances demand.   In other times, the terrace acts as a popular picnicking spot for the population when they have free time. Sometimes crewman's families will look out for their returning loved ones here.


The great terrace had always existed, but it has been, for safety reasons, had a stonr parapet erected to make it safer for visitors or refugees. In addition, the access path, the Countless Stair, has been modified to make it less of a torturous climb and more convenient for the people.


Discovered long age by the original residents of the island and reworked and expanded since then, the Refuge's terrace was discovered by men seeking a way into the mountain to mine it for metals needed to improve their ships.   When a storm threatened, the leaders thought that it would serve as a temporary refuge from the storm and the people huddled together in a crowded cave.   That experience convinced the leaders that while it worked, it would be more livable if it was more polished. They embarked on a program of expansion and building what would be needed when it was in use. That included stores of food and water.   Since then, a tax has been imposed to maintain the facility.

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