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Dusk falls as you step off the ship. The soft sands glisten beneath your feet as you step towards the bustling city of Ell. The beach giving off a bright glow despite the dimming sunlight. The din of merchants along the sands edge as they attempt to entice the crowds coming off the ship and those already on the beach with their wares.


Glimmershore refers to the beach and shoreline stretching along the north and west coast of Vanimaldine . The sands are unique due to the luminescent quality of the grains, lighting up the entire beach at night and drawing bioluminescent creatures to the shoreline from the sea. The marvel of it has drawn crowds for many years leading it to be declared a world wonder, and thus the beach in front of the port city of Ell is in particular frequently crowded with visitors.


The exact cause of the luminescence of the sands of Glimmershore beach and the origin of the bioluminescent aquatic creatures in both the shallow depths of the surrounding sea and the Abzur Lagoon are unknown with many myths and theories posited on it.   The most popular story comes from local folklore, which has it that many many years ago, Vanimaldine was almost completely unpopulated and barren. Those that did live there barely scraped by and struggled. One day an old fisherman from the tiny village of Ell came across a nymph from the Feywild who had been captured by bandits. Taking the keys from the sleeping bandits, he released her from her cage and shackles, setting her free to kill her captors. In thanks to the kind fisherman, the nymph enchanted the beach with luminescent sand and brought the Feywild plane closer to the material plane over Vanimaldine, creating a portal to the Feywilde. The proximity to the Feywilde then brought life to the landscape in the form of flora and fauna much of which is unique to Vanimaldine.   The natural beauty of Vanimaldine has since drawn visitors from all over Iklarel, especially Glimmershore beach as a world wonder turning the tiny village of Ell into a prosperous port city and capital of Vanimaldine.
Visited by the Venturers?
Natural Wonder

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