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834EA Follen 16 Redfall

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Iklarel is a world of contrasts and full of mysteries. With a rich history with much still unknown, there is plenty to explore. A world of political machinations and magic, beasts, fiends, and all sorts of unusual beings and creatures. There is something for everyone, and somewhere for everyone to be able to call home or make a name for themselves as heroes.

Iklarel is a vast world of two main landmasses, Aetreas and Uferath, as well as two smaller major landmasses, Vanimaldine and Agren, each with their own distinct cultures and stories, surrounded by a flurry of tumultuous seas and oceans not for the faint of heart.

Now in the third month of the 834th year of the eighth age, a new group of heroes have banded together, each for their own reasons, starting new adventures. They start their journey in the small town of Millfield in the country Cleroy, a small country in the west of Aetreas. Where their adventures take them remains to be seen...