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The White Castle

Peace and prosperity were two things Gérouns didn't know a few centuries ago. This all changed when Nelandra Aigleran came to power and conquered the whole continent through diplomacy.   So when her people came together to build this masterpiece of architecture in the center of the capital, they never asked for anything in exchange.

Purpose / Function

The whole Royal family lives in the White Castle. From there, they administrate the entire continent, but also host the Menicean court and its parties.   The Menicean council, where every law in Menicea was voted is in the castle as well. There is a large salon where councilors discuss and debate next to an amphitheater that's used for drama, music, and tribunals.   The lowest floor is also dedicated to the Nelandrean Cult that sends a representative to the council. Religious also take care of the gardens, since the main greenhouse of Nélandréas is there. In fact, this flower is the primary requirement to build an altar to the goddess. It is however harsh to cultivate as this variety has particular needs to grow.


Only the best-looking white stones were used to build this magnificent castle. It was also one of the very first buildings to have such a complex architecture.   The whole structure is really high and grows thinner as you climb. In its center is the king's tower, granted with a magnificent balcony. From there, past and present leaders of Menicea made speeches to the people who regrouped to listen on the grand square called Queen's lane.  
Elegant. That's what comes to my mind when I think about the Gérouns' castle. It can be quite surprising to see such a piece of architecture when you look at the houses they build everywhere else. The many towers surrounding the king's gently rise to the skies like the branches of a cherry tree, with beautiful lines and forms to be contemplated from different points of view.   The best one is still from the gardens: when you sit down in front of the fountain and look up. I've always been told that Gérouns aren't a race that's a fan of heights, but this proved me wrong.
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Jul 3, 2018 20:19 by Vertixico

This sounds so peaceful and nice. After reading about so many things with dark secrets that is a nice change of tone :D

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Jul 3, 2018 20:22 by Matthieu A.

Oh, you wouldn't guess how many dark secrets Menicea and especially the royal family can have. It's all the point of the continent to sound so peaceful on the outside... :]

Jul 3, 2018 20:21 by Sierra Brown

That quote at the end is really nice. It really helps to portray the castle's appearance.

Jul 3, 2018 20:22 by Sierra Brown

I do have a couple questions though, actually!   What is the Nelandrean Cult, and what is Nélandréas?

Jul 3, 2018 20:29 by Matthieu A.

Sorry about those, it's in my to-translate-list !   The Nelandrean cult is basically the religion of Menicea. It's about Nélandra, a war-heroïn that unified Menicea, saving people from self-extinction. You can read more about her background here :   The Nélandréas are a very particular flower that is used on altars for the Nélandrean cult. You can find altars all around Menicea and they will ALL have a flower on them. It's actually a very robust flower that can survive even the harshest climate but that will only give seeds in strict conditions.   ALSO, there are the flowers you can see on the cover. :)

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Such a lovely image you conjure. It sounds so nice, makes me wonder what lurks beneath... Good job!

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Lovely article! I love the light, peaceful tone of your article, especially the backstory. The only thing I would have liked would have been the description of the architecture expanded upon a bit but, other than that I don't see anything that needs improvement or editing. Well done!

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Thanks. If you liked the article, please consider dropping a like, it helps !   As for the architecture, I must admit that I ran out of words very quickly as I'm not a native speaker, and I never really talked about this subject in English so.... x) But i get your point !

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Like the concept of flowers being tied to a diety :) Plus, this place sounds like it belongs in a JRPG, so cool :D