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Palace of Cinder

"The Palace of Cinder is the oldest structure in the world, in spite of the numerous attempts to destroy it." -Kira Grendrottir, author of The Death of Peace

Purpose / Function

The Palace of Cinder was the palace of the Immortal Empress Thava of the Ashen Kingdom before her defeat at the end of the Phoenix Era. It now is used as a prison for the most dangerous inhabitants of Huakan Junta.


Several attempts were made to destroy it after the fall of the Ashen Kingdom, but powerful magic is infused within its walls hampering all attempts. It was converted into a prison after expeditions sent in failed to return. Only two guards are stationed at the main gate, to prevent others from getting into the prison.


A beautiful and large castle made out of bloodstone with over a dozen wings and turrets branching off in every direction. The structure defies any logical pattern and could only be supported by magical means. The few windows that adorn the walls are large stained glass things depicting the glory of Thava. Little is known of the interior as all maps were destroyed in the war that overthrew Thava. The handful of prisoners that have finished their sentences speak of passageways without end, halls that have weather systems, and dungeons that go deep into the earth.


The building was started in the last decade of Thava's first reign as empress. When she was assassinated only the first two wings were finished. Once Thava was resurrected she began adding on to the building herself, not allowing any mortal to know the full extent of the palace's plans. She continued to add to the castle even as her capital fell to the revolution that unseated her.   The general that turned against her attempted to use the palace for himself before being lost within its depths. The next leader attempted to destroy the structure through magical means, only to have the magic rebound on her and the surrounding city. Several more attempts were made to destroy this blight on Dauthea history, to little avail. After three ill-fated expeditions were sent in to explore and map the interior, with only the last having a survivor. The leaders of the Ixalii Empire decided to sentence its most dangerous prisoners to explore the Palace. Huakan Junta now controls the Palace of Cinder and sells the option to have other nations send their most dangerous criminals to this castle.

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