Strax Monolith

I overheard this drunk guy at the Herbalist Arms last night bragging about getting his hands on one of the Claywin Trade maps. Yeah, I know, but the hubris didn't end there--see, he'd spotted the Trident, and for some reason he had become obsessed with the Strax Monolith. Deathwish? Yeah, or more likely he has no idea what he was talking about, for get a hold of this: he wants to steal it! No, I swear, that's what he said! Allright allright, stop laughing! How about I find him, and let him tell you guys about his, um, ambitions and if you don't die from the giggles, you buy me a round, eh?
  The Strax Monolith is a gigantic crystal-shaped, glowing structure located a few miles inland at the Trident peninsula. It defies any reasonable explanations as to its origin as well as adherence to physical laws. Raging at least 6 km high, balanced perfectly at a single point, off-center, the structure expands to a diameter over 200 meters where it meets the clouds.

Purpose / Function

The origin and original purpose of the monolith are lost in the gaps since time immemorial. For every civilization where we have written records, it has been an enigma. Tablets recovered by the Kamposian Empire from the ruins of Bauzan tell that it was at the time believed to have descended from the heavens bringing with it a people or power only referred to as the Strax.    It may have been a vessel of some sort, or a palace created in place, yet its only functional purpose in the time of civilized man was the powerful white light shining from it, visible far out to sea and thus used as a navigational aid for sailors navigating to and from Shamas.   It has no known entrances, and the whole peninsula is a wasteland of little use, thus it remains unexplored and unvisited for generations at a time.


Even in Kamposian times, the area was avoided due to the presence of the sea monster Abaia hunting the seas around the Trident.   After the fall of the Kamposian Empire, the light has started pulsing slightly, shifting between all hues of the rainbow at a very slow frequency, taking about a year to cycle through all colors.
Alternative Names
Court of Abaia, Beacon of the Gods
World wonder
Parent Location
Strax Monolith


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