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The Flickering Mountain

Set in the magical island of Forbuho the Flickering Mountain is set within the center of the island though it vanishes and appears with the tides. One may climb the mountain only for it to burn with the fiery heat of the plane of fire and suddenly get caught in a wild snow storm from the plane of ice. In the middle of the day the sun will shine but those who climb the mountain may find themselves blanketed in darkness as the plane of shadow engulfs both the mountain and any hapless explorer who dares climb it.

Purpose / Function

The Flickering Mountain is the last line of defense the ArchFey have against those who would attempt to reach the Feywild.


The Flickering Mountain has been enchanted with layer upon layer of magical spell and ward. Attempts by both Ruby and Cobalt to mine the mountain have all been met with death as the magic of the planes as well as the very land itself fights any who stray too close. It is from this magic that the flickering gets the name as the planes themselves overlap and all converge upon the landmass causing it to change or even vanish as the curse of Forbuho affects the mounatins the greatest.


When the Archfey vanished from the material plane it was from this point the fled to the Feywild. Weaving the last of their magics the Archfey feared humanity and allies would give chase so they left the island they had fled as a trap and staging ground once they decided to return. The Scorpion Clan Drow were caretakers of the land but not trusting their servants they left the The Flickering Mountain as their final defense against all who would dare follow. But none came and eventually the Archfey well all but forgotten.   Adventurers and explorers all sought to tame the mountain and search its peak only to meet their ends at an unforgiving and dangerous environment. The three settlements on the island: Ruby, Cobalt, and the Bay of Wrecks all sought to carve the resources from the land like they did the trees but found the closer to the center of the island the greater the danger. The Scorpion Clan Drow revere the location as a holy site though as of late many have begun to lose faith in the ArchFey and a few secret attempts to investigate the mountains have all ended with the search parties all vanishing.
Natural Wonder
Parent Location

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