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Cathedral of Tiamat

The great holy house of the Church of Tiamat's Way


"She's grandious, isn't she? I'm sure you've never seen anything like her out there, hm?"
— a Paladin of the Order of Tiamat's Knights

Standing glorious in Nouvemond is the Cathedral of Tiamat, the great temple of the Church of Tiamat's Way. It is the oldest building in the city, and a display of the Artalgnian unique architecture.



The Cathedral is possibly the oldest building in Archana to remain in its original state, never having any expansion or major reformation. There have only been a few fixes here and there in order to keep its structure strong.


The architecture of the Cathedral is an easily distinguishable feature in Nouvemond - or in all of Archana, in fact - due to its origins. It has a lot in common with ancient gothic-style architecture, with things such as flying buttresses, pinnacles, gargoyles, a dome, and other small details. Both the inside and the outside have whitewashed walls, with a dark brown, almost black color highlighting the bases and columns.


It was built by Artalgne back when the kingdom was called Arcanopia, a colony of the Empire. They built it as a temple to Tiamat, the goddess in their religion. When Archana regained their independence, the religious influence they had from Artalgne was already strong, which resulted in their own branch of the religion. The Cathedral remained and was used by the Church of Tiamat's Way, which operates to this day.

Cathedral / Great temple
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