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The statue of roga

The most popular land mark is the statue of roga in honor in saveing there lives from niada. There is around six million come to see it everyday. Some people just come to see only it. It is located in the land of beasts in the by the ruins of her house. It was made by several miners. Dragons raised and carried it all the way there. It was carved by hand. The several miners that made it where called Moran, hora, ganora, and madora. After it was raised up ten mind flares tried to attack but it was to well guarded the battle was amazing for the people that were there. The mind flares where guessed to be with Nadia. They where killed right there. The stone that it was made of was called gora stone it is a stone that is really hard to break but easy to carve. The name of the bragons that carried it there were called Mona and sormai. The statue is about six hundred feet tall and weighs around six thousand and fifty pounds. At the opening there was around five thousand people there. The big statue is a construct as well to protect anything that attacks the village. The people that carved it and the dragons that carried it had a special resting place in front of the statue of roga. The statue looks exactly like the real person but just stone. In front of the statue is the resting place of roga. When they counted the mind flares to make sure they were dead but one of them dissipered into thin air . The people of the land of beasts were told if they saw him try everything in there power to kill it and tell the head council.

Purpose / Function

To remember roga that saved them from death.

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