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Elysium Force-Field Generator

High above the city of Elysium, built into the peak of it's central mountain, there's an underground mega-structure necessary for the survival of the inhabitants bellow. Because of this stations necessity, it's the most heavily guarded location within the Westech Martian territories. Due to the risk associated with a force-field shutdown there is a constant staff of engineering and military personnel, including many different robots, androids, and automated systems. This is by far the most massive single structure ever constructed by Westech, and for all they know, humanity as a whole.

Purpose / Function

The force-field provides protection and life support for the inhabitants of Elysium. Without the force-field, the pressure would be too low on the island to support complex land life. Westech vessels are equipped with G.F.M. technology that allow "phasing" through the force-field unscathed. Any other material bodies, like vessels or meteors, are destroyed on impact, as their matter is physically incapable from passing through the sphere.


The outer ring of the installation is 28 miles in circumference. There are 28 stations built around the perimeter, one mile between each station. These stations are devoted to force-field amplification, venting, and entrance into the sub-surface portion of the facility.   The complex is the shape of a vertical cylinder, 28 miles in circumference and 800 feet in depth.   The facility is split into four quadrants with three radial sectors (rings). The outer-most ring contains battery and coolant infrastructure. The middle ring houses the power generators, and the inner sector ( is where the force field generators meet to form a huge cylinder through the core of the facility.
Elysium Force-Field Generator cover

Elysium Mons defense platform

Elysium Mons is fitted with a series of defense platforms to protect from air or land threats. There is a centralized automated targeting network, but military personnel are stationed on sight in case of an emergency, and as maintenance.  

Gravity Induction Engines.

Housed on the middle ring of the complex, these massive induction engines constantly generate power from the gravity of Mars. This power is channeled directly into the force-field generators, any surplus is stored in batteries in the outer ring. .
Megastructure, Land based
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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5 Oct, 2018 07:32

I do like how you go in details on how the architecture of the force field goes, gives it a good amount of info of how everything works, but I am curious for why it needs defence platforms? What is it exactly that they have to defend against?

5 Oct, 2018 18:58

Thanks for the question :) it gives me an opportunity to elaborate.   So the main reason the defense platforms are neccesary is to defend against an attack by Westechs main enemy, the Eastern Alliance (name will eventually change).   At the start of the story, the East and West are locked in a grueling cold war, the main method of battle mostly has to do with espionage / sabotage, but within this deadlock, each side continuously prepares for the day in which the conflict will flare into a full-blown war.   Although the force-field is incredibly powerful and can protect from meteors and etc., whenever something impacts the forcefield, energy consumption of the force-field generators is increased (to compensate). If a forcefield unergoes enough force at a given point, it wont be able to compensate and may temporarily "open up". A big or strong enough impact could theoretically disable the force-field entirely.   The other vulnerability of this station is an attack from within, this id another reason for the defense platforms. These platforms act both as "bunkers" and checkpoints. Meaning any vehicle or personnel entering the station much pass through a series of these checkpoints. Each chrckpoint requires a thorough inspection to pass.

6 Oct, 2018 10:33

I see! Thanks for clearing that up, gives a lot more reason to the entire defense system

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
5 Oct, 2018 14:09

By the sounds of things this structure needs more then defence platforms. It needs to become fort. I can imagine the structure being threatened to many times by enemy armies. Which how does the residents of the city deal with threats? Are they more peaceful and will negotiate or do they fight the enemy armies off?

5 Oct, 2018 21:05

I've never heard of a structure generating power from a gravity field before. That's pretty cool. So far I just have a small question, since it looks like you'll be adding more to this later. I noticed that you use "robots" and "androids". Is there a difference between the two?

6 Oct, 2018 19:37

Thanks for the question! Yes there is a characteristic difference between androids and robots. That being: A robot is any mechanized autonomous unit, not necessarily resembling a humanoid. An android is similar, in that it is a mechanized automaton, but they specifically resemble humanoids. In some cases the resemblance is so strong that you can't tell the difference between an android and a human.

6 Oct, 2018 21:28

Oh! Ok, thanks :)

5 Oct, 2018 22:05

A large shield generation system that exists to keep the atmosphere habitable is definitely a neat idea - I don't think I've actually seen this before, either. Does it also serve a military defensive purpose, or is it primarily used to protect the atmosphere and block meteors?

As the most heavily guarded location, what methods are used to protect it? Is it just the defense platforms, or are there also garrisons, other forms of defensive structures, etc?

How strong is the force-field? Is it possible to 'brute force' through it by hitting it with enough matter to disrupt it? Can people or small craft/machines walk/move through it?