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The Bridge of Books

There is not much in the Realm of Fiction that is concrete. There is the Nexus from which all Fiction spills forth to float through the near shapelessness that is the Realm of Fiction. There is hidden deep in the realm the Hand's Hideout, a Thieves' Consortium base. But often considered most impressive by any that travel the realm is the Bridge of Books.

Purpose / Function

The Bridge of Books despite its natural accurance is the road by which travelers can go from one 'side' of the Realm of Fiction to the other. At this sides are the vortexes that allow one to enter the Realm of Shadow and the Realm of Light. As such most frequently its purpose is but as ground to be tread upon, a precious thing in the Realm of Fiction.


Since the beginning of time travelers has walked along the bridge. It has always been despite the assumption that there must have been a time before books. Maybe that is the greatest of fictions told in this Realm. But as they say if you build a road they will come, and though this bridge was not built, they did come. And where travelers pass, comes services for them. They grow into cities and towns and other such things that life likes to play with. Built on the wider parts of the Bridge and for those who are able to adapt to the Realm of Fictions poor grasp on gravity on the sides and underside of the Bridge. For what is gravity but what you decide it is in such a realm.   More naturally the Bridge seems to grow and sway with time. Each year it seems to be a bit longer and each year it twists in a new way. All books can be found in its folds, held together by imagination that they bring. Each new penned book is added without assistance to the Bridge, finding a home somewhere along the great many kilometers of the Bridge. Some books are so valuable to the minds of mortals and gods alike that there are those that 'mine' the Bridge. digging through it searching for a book worthy of their effort. All of them are not that everyone is so wise to see it as such. Even with such activities the Bridge has never broken and every day the books seem smoothly packed once more. Wear of passing feet never seem to effect them for more than a day, or what ever equivalent you might think of in the realm.


The Bridge of Books has always stood. There is not a god that can remember a time before the Bridge. As such the history of the Bridge is long as the very words that make it up. More than a thousand wars have been fought only on the structure of the Bridge. More blood than any place, save maybe the Bloodstain in the Realm of Light, has been spilt on the Bridge. But as if in defiance of that so has more life sprung up on the Bridge. More great peoples have crossed the Bridge of Books than one could count.
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