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Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower stands tall at the center of the Celestial City, stretching upwards into the clouds thousands of feet. The tower is perfectly round and its perfectly smooth, snow white walls snow no sign of the years put upon them. There are no clear entrances into the Ivory tower, with no visible doors or windows, nor is it known to many of those who inhabit the Wuld who built the tower. All attempts to breach its walls have ended in failure.   Magical transportation spells targeted within the walls of the tower have deposited the caster on the other side of the tower, physical attempts to break down one of the walls have done nothing but cause damage to the battering rams, destructive spells have fizzled out on contact with the towers walls, and attempts to burrow underneath the tower have discovered that its walls extend deep underground and that the tower appears to be magically embedded in the plane itself, so attempts to destabilize its foundation have no effect.

Purpose / Function

It is unknown to most what the purpose of this tower is. However some knowledgeable mages have determined that the tower is placed at a weak point in the barrier that separates the planes and have theorized that it may act as a sort of anchor binding the planes together.   A few individuals however know the truth. The tower was originally built by the Celestials during the Celestial Divine war as a way for them to attempt to hold back the forces of the gods and ensure that they could never be completely sealed away from the material planes. Now, the group known as the Aasimar alliance use the weakness in the planes in this area to easily move from their base in the Aether to the the other planes.


After the events of the Cataclysm, the Ivory Tower was discovered by a group of adventurers from the Clockwork Empire after they discovered the remains of the Celestial City. While the city itself was in utter ruin, with many of its skyscrapers collapsed, the district directly surrounding the tower and the tower itself seemed to be utterly untouched by the war, outside of them being completely abandoned.
Monument, Large
Owning Organization

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