The Graveyard of Heroes

The Graveyard of Heroes is comprised of multiple tiered Graveyards connecting to one another starting at below ground level and rising up to ground level the farther back in time you go ending with (or starting with depending on perspective) the city's founder Hydos Vear. Since then the graveyard has become the final resting place of over 1000 heroes and over 52 council members over the course of 1200 years.

Purpose / Function

The purpose behind the Graveyard of Heroes is to recognize and bring glory to those who have died while changing the world for the better as well as recording the story of their deeds.


A new Tiered section was started about 150 years ago with the death of councilman Nizane Sabri, who died trying to repel a necromancer who was trying to defile the graveyard.


When coming into the graveyard from the city, the large thoroughfare narrows into a walkway about 100 feet before the path changes into an open stairway leading through the graveyard. Small pathways split off from the main staircase leading around the tiered section of the graveyard, the farther along the stairs you progress the farther back into history you progress. eventually, towards the middle of this large circular area the stairs dissipate into a small walkway where a prominent figure is buried. there's a staircase on the other side leading up, on reaching the top this pattern continues again. This pattern four or five times until the founders grave is reached, about a mile out or so from the main city.


Stories of Hydos Vear, the founder of Hero's Rest depict him as a very strong and courageous person. one of the more notable stories involved him single handedly defeating a horde of barbarians in order to clear the way for the building of the city.
Parent Location


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