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Gate of wonder

What constitutes a wonder of such tremendous scale it can only be compared to the world, natural resources arranged in such a phenomenal manner that you wonder if its natural or was guided into creation by somethings hand, or a structure built from stone, iron, even marble that reaches and scraps the very sky inside all kinds of strange and mysterious, often ponderous, activities ensue, or, perhaps, could it be a mixture of the two a circle of stone, foreign yet inviting, built on top of a grand plateau from which two things have come, wonder and disaster hand in hand.

Purpose / Function

No on knows why it exists or if it ever has had a purpose they just know that nothing good comes from it anymore.


It is said the clan of bloody hands camps inside the circle now, they fear nothing not even superstition.


Its simply a flat area atop the plateau where the ground is replaced with this strange stone in a massive(seemingly perfect) circle.Hewn from a foreign stone as white as starlight but with veins of crimson red running through it. Said to be a 1000 feet in diameter it truly is a wonder how it got there. Now ah days it has two rings on the outermost edge of its circumference, the first merely a foot high is the same white stone but veined in a near luminescent blue and the second one is two feet high and veined with black as dark as shadow sits inside the first touching it, almost like a small set of stairs.


At first it is said when found by the ancestors it was empty, just a flat area on top of the plateau with a huge circler area made from this strange stone( angles to clean to be natural but who could've made it), soon after its discovery strange lights were seen from atop the plateau at night and when investigated they found dozens if not hundreds of these strange people amidst the circle, pink skin with hair and eyes that vary as the dying lights of the setting sun, naked and afraid, they didn't stand as tall as the Valkalva or were as hardy as the Zarka it was decided the ancestors would help these new people, they gave themselves the name of Xarsa. The second time a light was seen from the plateau the three people gathered to see what would emerge, unfortunately it wasn't as the first. The scourge that emerged stood well above even the Valtalva's heads with ink black skin and burning red eyes, these weren't vulnerable lost people, they came in thousands wielding weapons forged of iron blacker than even the foulest of nightmares, it cost them much, but the three people band together and drove this new enemy back into the circle. After the final blow was struck and all the foes were felled they left those grounds. The bodies stayed were they'd fallen in fear that they could care the curse of these new enemies called the karsharlu. The only thing taken from there was the weapons, all three tribes agreed they were to powerful to leave laying about so they were all painstakingly destroyed, all but 9. three went to each tribe to be wielded by their leaders and champions in time of war.
World wonder

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