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Oblivion City

An entire city build inside a star-ship, that can no longer leave the planet's atmosphere. What was once an imposing and fear inducing black devil of a intergalactic star cruiser, is now a home to a despondent city of The Masters, who have given up hope of ever leaving the planet with it.

Purpose / Function

While the original purpose of the Oblivion , was to carry The Masters around in their space faring exploration, the ship got caught in Mala's inmensely powerful Magnetic Field and became trapped. They eventually crash-landed near the South Pole. Afterwards, while the ship was still mostly funtional, the Masters turned the ship into a massive homebase, from which they advanced their plans to terraform and artificially evolve Mala and its flora and fauna.


The hull is largely unchanged, and looks mostly the same from the outside, while the inside has been adapted to house the Masters, and all their needs. The engine bay and power reactor, gravity propulsion chamber and shield bay have all been kept operational, while the barracks, pilot cabins, armory, munitions storage, battery turret extension arrays, and commander's deck have all been majorly re-purposed for, or entirely removed and replaced with, additional laboratories, codex rooms, and vehicle storage.


Intrigued by the presence of a planet orbiting a blue star, the Masters approached Mala, and attempted to start orbiting the planet to initiate routine scans to check for planetary conditions. However they quickly noticed the ships orbit decaying, and by the time they tried to counteract the magnetic pull, it was already too late. The Oblivion had only anti-gravity propulsion, and could not prevent the magnetic attraction to the planet. They preformed a controlled crash into the south hemisphere, very near the South Pole, where the attraction was the weakest. The ship has never been able to take off since, despite several attempts. In the history of the Masters, it is one of the few things they have ever failed at.
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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