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The Ruins of Thüm Seel

The ruins of Thüm Seel are three ancient superstructures. The large area called Thüm Seel consists out of three very similar towers of unimaginably large proportions.   Every floor of one of these towers has its own ecology, layout and mysteries. Various types of monsters roam these towers, from constructs to undead to devils to elementals to wild beasts. Traps, various trickeries and magic wards are common within the towers. Some believe that there are portals that go from specific floors to other worlds.   The towers repel organisms living around them because they have an ominous presence. (The exception to this is the tower called Aksen described below.)   On every floor are several stashes of rare equipment, gold or other valuables.   In the south, there is the tower called Thüm Seel: Aksen, or simply Aksen for short. The tower is overgrown with every kind of plant found in the world, with plants representing different biotopes every few levels. Aksen generates plants that grow outward from the tower's surface. This tower is slightly shorter than the others and it is believed that this tower is climbed more easily than the others.   In the east, there is the tower called Thüm Seel: Gale, or simply Gale for short. The tower is covered with beautiful natural formations of ice crystals, elemental crystals and ornate glass artworks. This tower's height is slightly taller than Aksen and it is believed that it poses a bigger threat to those who enter.   In the northwest, there is a tower called Thüm Seel: Drohm, or simply Drohm for short. The tower is colored a dark red, and it is partially covered in sections of sharp looking obsidian glass outcroppings and chaotically placed blood red spikes that extend a long way outward. This tower is the largest of the three, and it is believed that not even divine forces could hope to dominate this tower. Drohm radiates pure power and only those who can single-handedly destroy the world itself have a chance of reaching the uppermost floor.   The towers are several kilometers apart.


Each tower is roughly 6.5 kilometers tall, has over 2000 floors with each a surface of over 700.000m². The foundation of each tower goes a thousand meters deep into the ground and has over 300 subterranean floors. The walls of the Thüm Seel ruins are 4 meters thick granite with improved durability.


Historians presume that the site was used as a temple of sorts, but it is unknown which deities it was meant for.

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4 Jul, 2018 09:57

This sounds like a very fun and terrifying dungeon to explore as a player :P Kind of reminds me of Daemonheim from Runescape!