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On the southern tip of Lafliuton there is large plain with a huge large lake on the east side. North west from the lake looms the largest mountain, Osocana, in the world. Surrounding the plain behind Osocana are hills. The hills are full of minerals and rare gems stones. On the shores of the lake closer to the hills lays a large town, called Mistwich. Most work in the hills, there are several that fish the lake for food. Half of the plain has been transformed into fields for different crops. Osocana has a lot of magic flowing around it. The magic helps the surrounding area grow crops. At the base of Osocana lays a school for magic called Agonora. An ancient elven kingdom Osca originally lived in the area and had made a home close to Osocana. The school is the only surviving building from the Osca. However as you travel to Osocana you discover that there is an entrance into the mountain. Exploration of Osocana use to be a common practice up until one thousand years ago. Several strange occurrences happened. Several students from Agonora disappeared into the mountain to never be heard from again. Then in the next year the crops in the surrounding plain failed. The fish in the lake started to disappear. There were rumors going around Agonora that the missing students were spotted as spirits floating in and out of the mountain. Some even said that they were seen at the school. Another year with failed crops and no fish, Agonora experienced unexplained events causing several students to become ill and one to die. The local town and school officials came to the conclusion that all this misfortune was linked to exploring Osocana. The local officials and school leaders decided to seal the entrance to the mountain. The next year the crops flourished, the fish returned. Agonora had no unexplained events. Some people figured that the missing students had maybe started something. Some scholars speculated that the mountain was trying to kill them off as it had to the Oscas elves. Many believe that the elven city close to the western mountains are decedents of the Oscas who abandoned the mountain several thousands of years before. Others believe it was just a bad few years and that people just wanted something to blame. Exploration of Osocana has also not extended much to the side without the Agonora school. Those who go to explore the other side either don’t come back, or come back sick and unable to say what happened. Because of this the officials of Mistwich forbid the explorations. This year because of the lack of strange occurrences Mistwich has allowed two explorers to go. They have not heard from them yet, but they are giving them a full year before saying anything.

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