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Institute (Fragment)

While the Institute has more than one branch, and several locations in Glass County, the Insitute in Fragment is by far the most well known. It is, after all, the first of it's kind. No one's entirely sure how long it's existed, and it's origins are complicated, to say the least, with book burnings and destruction of information filling the chapters of its history, to the point that no one thinks about it too much. The Institute has always existed. Except when it didn't. But hardly anyone remembers, and those who do would rather forget.

Purpose / Function

As settlers fought over territories, Glass County was fractured to the point where it consisted of at least five main territories and many minor ones. Of course, it still is today, but on a far smaller scale. The Institute harnessed the power of Aura's and Tangible Potential, and put an end to the more violent conflict, ushering Glass County into an age of unstable unity. Of course, that's what they say.


In all the time that they've existed, the Institute has stayed relatively the same, for better or worse. Although there have been a few alterations, with the Aural Scape starting as an offshoot of the Institute, before it became too different to be considered one. All alterations, if any, are never discussed. The Institute is the Institute. And anyone who suggests otherwise find themselves changing their mind incredibly fast.


A classic exterior can be seen from the outside along with numerous flying buttresses. The inside of the Institute is filled with more ribbed vaults and steps, then there are rooms though. Most rooms have walls made of layers, in order to soundproof better and be less prone to destruction. It's mostly made out stone though. High ceilings run rampant, with multiple halls and it's ilk to be found inside.
University / Educational complex

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