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Heart of the Forest

The Heartlands are the center of the Earth, and at the center of the main island is a chasm. It is surrounded by Forest and is the holy site of the Beloved. This chasm is the place that the Earth Mother birthed the brothers Moon and Sun, it is the place that the Ancient Ones grew from the roots of the Great Oak. It is the site of funerals, offerings, praise, and prayer. A stone wall encircles the chasm, supporting 2 arches that cross in the middle. An intricately carved altar perches atop the dais supported by the arches. Worshippers climb narrow Stone stairs to an elevated walkway to reach the dais. Here, worshippers may leave their dead for a sky burial, offer plants or animal skins to the chasm, ask for the mother's blessing on crops or livestock, and more.

Purpose / Function

Religion, worship, mourning, sky burial, offerings


The altar has been perched above the chasm since the first age of Adectza, in honor of the Earth mother. The stone was quarried from the Western side of the island and has been standing since.


The altar itself is intricately carved and the details resemble Vines winding around the rounded edges. The dais has simple concentric circles carved in, with the altar sitting in the center of a spiral. Each column supporting the dais is simple, no ornamentation but well carved and smooth circular lengths reaching 15 ft in the air. The stone steps have no design or railing.


Built in the first age of Adectza, the dais and altar have been standing for thousands of years. It was built to give the people a place to offer thanks to the mother. The chasm itself was created when Earth birthed the moon and sun from within her to give the people light. It is also the site where the first oak tree was grown, from whose roots, grew the Ancient Ones. That tree no longer stands, but it's roots help to keep the chasm walls from falling in. No one knows how deep the hole goes, but even in floods water never rises to a visible level.
Room, Religious, Shrine
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