Tree of the Omoikane

It also known as the Great Tree, the Tree of Knowledge, or the Voice of Life. Much of it's secrets are held by the Omoikane itself. Both the name of the tree and the title of the leader of the land, the Omoikane tree is often considered sapient and to be regarded as a person itself.   Many visitors comment about how they sense the emotions of the tree and it's like or dislike for them.

Purpose / Function

This building serves as the governmental capitol building of the Land of the Great Tree in the city of the same name Omoikane, the residence of the Omoikane itself, and the base of operations of the Loremasters of the Omoikane.


Given the number of rooms the tree is reported to have in it's trunk, branches and roots, it is clear that some extra dimensional spaces are somehow mingled within the building.


This giant tree ascends to the height of skyscrapers. It is also wide almost as if there are more than a dozen giant trunks forming the base of the tree. The area under it's massive canopy is dedicated to gardens and outside rooms, with the rest of the city outside that canopy.   Interior rooms are generally furnished with ornate wooden furniture and colored plasters. Paneling is commonly used to divide larger spaces. Light and air circulation is provided by glow globes and slight breezes which receive their power from the Omoikane itself. Most rooms are not divided by doors but by curtains.


First planted well over two thousand years ago around the end of the Andon Alliance, the Great Tree became the capitol of the region at the beginning of the Empire of Minam nearly four centuries ago. The master of the building called herself the Omoikane and took over the local governance at the time. Since then a new master has been raised to the position of Omoikane periodically. The current master is said to be over 100 years old, looks barely middle aged and claims title of the 8th Omoikane.

RPG Content 5th Edition:

  Friends of the Omoikane who rest there gain twice as many hit points in a short rest and a bonus on their saves against a persistent illness. Healing spells also do an additional 10 points of healing.   Enemies of the Omoikane are often beset by bug swarms, and healing spells do 5 points less than typically.  

RPG Content Pathfinder:

  Friends of the Omoikane who rest there gain twice as many hit points from an overnight rest. Healing spells are always considered cast at a caster level minimum of ten if not higher (including from wands and potions).
Government complex
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