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As I walked up the mountain to find the temple called Vanoxis, I didn't know what to expect. The path up the mountain was old, uneven and steep - and in places only one person could comfortably walk at a time.

Then I saw it.

The structure was breathtaking. No mortal man could construct something like this. The curves in the stonework seemed impossible. The size of the doors could fit a giant. I hadn't believed them when they spoke about the beauty of this place. It seemed too perfect, too fantasy-like to be real. As I stood there myself I realized it was more beautiful than words could express.

Vanoxis is a well-hidden temple in the middle of the Peaks of Heaven in Asharia. There are several mysteries concerning this temple - among these the actual creators of the temple, and how it has been standing for so many centuries without showing the least sign of decay.

Maybe not a very well-known landmark, but it's epic nevertheless, and if it had been better known and easier to get to there would be a steady stream of tourists to Vanoxis as well.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of Vanoxis is unknown - like its creator. Several theories has been explored and discarded, like that it is made by giants. The most plausible theory until now is that the dragons made the temple before most of them left.

The temple is now used as a monastery of peace. The few people who have heard about it and want to come here spend time in meditation, hoping it will bring peace to the world. They are also taught to be Bringers of the Word, whose purpose is to try to convert as many as possible to the way of peace.


There haven't been many alterations to the building, at least not any that has survived. Several outhouses and shacks have been constructed around the temple through the ages, but none have lasted for more than a small century, if even that long. The area is ravaged by occasional powerful winds that rips other buildings apart over time. While the temple itself seems untouched by the winds, any other structure will inevitably fall apart.


Vanoxis is not built in any known architectural style, and there's no other building in the world in a similar style. The structure seems impossible - like it should collapse under its own weight.


Vanoxis was found by accident as a group of explorers were mapping out the Peaks of Heaven in 649. As they came back to Mandural after their discovery noone believed what they'd found. It seemed too amazing to be true. The mission reports were archived in the library, and the temple was forgotten.

In 823 a dwarven librarian called Alloch found some strange, half-dissolved mission reports from an expedition. The mentions of a mysterious temple intrigued Alloch, and he decided to travel into the Peaks of Heaven to try to find this temple.

It was hard to try to find the way through the wild, steep mountains, especially following directions who were over 150 years old, and Alloch failed several times. After searching the mountains for seven years, he finally found Vanoxis in 830. There, he had a kind of vision - one that inspired him to make a temple of peace in the structure. With newfound inspiration he hurried down to civilization to gather supplies for living up there and possibly gather up some likeminded people as well.

Long story short, Alloch and his visions of peace ended up as a cult who resided in Vanoxis, trying to spread the way of peace. They never got especially large or well-known, but they manage to keep a relatively steady number of members.
Cathedral / Great temple

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