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Mandural used to be the capital city of Asharia until it was moved to Elmazar in AE 1413. It connects the whole eastern part of Asharia to the rest of the world, and is still considered the capital city of southern Asharia in many ways. Mandural is also an ancient city - there are proof of habitation of this spot for at least four millennia.


Not technically the capital city of Asharia, this city is practically the capital city of Southern Asharia. Most things that doesn't affect the northern part of the country is governed here.


Mandural is surrounded by a city wall, making the city well defended. The whole city is inside these walls, only leaving some farms outside the walls. An alarm system is a part of this, with four towers around the city with bells. If the city is under attack, or the farmlands outside the walls are in danger, the bells will be sounded, warning everyone outside the walls to get inside them. And, since using the towers for only one thing would be stupid if it can be used for more things, there are holes and platforms where crossbowmen and spellslingers can fire from.


The Clockwork Gondola brings people quickly and comfortably from Mandural to Elmazar several times a week.


Mandural lies by a lake in the southeast of the vast area called The Great Plains. The terrain in the area around the city is flat and well-fitted for both crops and livestock. Some scattered forests lie nearby, and the mountains of The Peaks of Heaven is just over the lake.

Natural Resources

The area around Mandural is prime farmland, and this brings grain and livestock to the city. The nearby lake is providing the city with fish. Not far away from the city there are some forests which supply wood.

Included Locations
Owning Organization

Parts of the city

Grand Market
Situated just east of the docks, the Grand Market is the busiest part of the town in daytime. Both imported and local goods are sold here.

This is the western part of the city, on the edge of the lake. The port is mostly used for fishing boats, but also some transport of goods over the lake happens here.

Outside the city walls, in the north side of the city lies Shantytown, the city's slum and where the Tec'lesh live.

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