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The Tec'lesh are the people from the ancient kingdom of the same name. After their kingdom was slowly surrounded and taken by the Asharians the whole people were reluctantly now a part of the Nation of Asharia. This was unpopular, both with the Tec'lesh and the Asharians, but for the now landless Tec'lesh there were really no other places to go.

The Tec'lesh lives mainly in the northern parts of Asharia, as far south as Mandural. Some groups or individuals can be found even further south than that, but these are few and far between.

The relationship between the Tec'lesh and the Asharians is tense at best. The Asharians see the Tec'lesh as less intelligent and more primitive, and would love to see this stain of humanity gone from the world already.The Tec'lesh are still bitter about the loss of their kingdom, but mostly just want to be tolerated and treated as real Asharians and not as outcasts.

It's not easy to see the difference between the Tec'lesh and Asharian humans. The Tec'lesh tend to have blond hair and blue eyes, while Asharians usually have darker hues of hair and eyes. The Tec'lesh also tend to be a bit shorter in height, but not enough to be too noticeable. Yet, short people with blonde hair and blue eyes are often looked at with suspicion. It's even worse if the short blonde turns out to be an actual Tec'lesh.

As a confirmed Tec'lesh it's almost impossible to get a job in Asharia. Without a job they have no steady income, and are often forced to beg, or live on whatever they can grow themselves. In both Elmazar and Mandural there are Tec'lesh slums - the Gear Junkyard in Elmazar and the Shantytown in Mandural - where most of the Tec'lesh live. These slums have tight-knit communities that help each other survive. Inside the slums it's relatively safe, and the Tec'lesh are generally left alone except when the city guards are bored and come by to harass the inhabitants by "looking for illicit goods". Outside the slums, however, though not usually killed, the Tec'lesh are in danger of being glared at, yelled at, spat on, kicked or simply beaten up.
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