The Kingdom of Tec'Lesh started as a small territory on the north-eastern coast of what now is territories of Asharia. From there they expanded west along the mountain range, almost to the river Nemosh. This happened slowly over hundred of years. The kingdom is old, possibly from before the Arrival of the Elders, and the expansion started around year 500.

Everything looked great for the Tec'lesh. Their territories were expanding, the dwarves were easy to chase away to get hold of already built settlements, and the Asharians didn't seem to look to the north.

Until 1287, when Asharia did look to the north, and claimed an old dwarven mining settlement the Tec'esh had conquered earlier. Overwhelmed by the far more sophisticated weapons of the Asharian army, the Tec'lesh had no other option than to surrender the settlement to the southern invasion.

Slowly, but steadily the Asharians claimed more and more of the Tec'lesh lands. During the next 800 years Tec'lesh became a bit smaller as Asharia claimed chunk by chunk, settlement by settlement, until 2018 when the Last Stand of Tec'lesh marked the end of the kingdom itself. The Tec'lesh, now without their own kingdom, were forced to move into slums in Elmazar and Mandural.


Tec'lesh controlled the area which is now northern Asharia. In their expansion period they claimed the uninhabited lands as they found it, and occupied every settlement they were able to conquer. Especially dwarven settlements were conquered due to their pacifist nature.

As the more technologically advanced nation of Asharia got interested in the territories to the north and started claiming Tec'lesh land, first the areas where there were natural resources, then just claiming the Tec'lesh lands as they saw fit.

Technological Level

The Kingdom of Tec'lesh has rather primitive technological levels, compared to both the dwarves and Asharia. This didn't stop them from conquering dwarven settlements, since the dwarves are pacifist by nature, though it was a large factor when the Asharians conquered their whole territory when the kingdom fell.

Foreign Relations

The Tec'lesh never came into contact with other cultures than the dwarves and the Asharians as long as their kingdom existed. As a conquerer of dwarven settlements and being conquered themselves by the Asharians, their relationship with these other cultures was tense at best, often outright hostile.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
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