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Cone of Trandit

In my opinion even during the stage of its construction this marveollous tower is one of the new wonders of the world! Never before has there been such a large scale operation without the use of magic - never before have we as a race demonstrated better our independence from magic than with this amazing project.
The Cone of Trandit is the current big project for the upcoming Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic in 1692 AR. In that year the Exposition will return to Trandit for its tenth anniversary. To keep the tradition of the hosting city showing off some kind of thematic project, the regent has authorized the construction of the Cone of Trandit, despite the warnings of several engineers about the risks of such an undertaking.

Purpose / Function

The main purpose of the Cone is to demonstrate the progress in non-magical architecture and non-magical construction methods. Due to recent developements in machinery and metal processing the need for highly specialized magical personel has already been heavily reduced and replaced with cheaper mundane workforce. Baradolia sees completion of such a large scale project as proof of the viability for extended use of non-magical workers and specialists.


The Cone is made up of three intertwined spirals made of three different types of steel, Dwarven Whitesteel, Silversteel and Darksteel, giving the cone a striped three colored look. In the open space between the spirals is a grid of metal spires interconnecting the main spirals.
The base diameter of the cone measures at 125 meter while the prospected height of the cone will be around 320 metres. There are four floors planned for additional stability at the heights of 55m, 115m, 200m and a final one at 275m.
As of now, the Cone has reached just beyond the second floor. With two years left for construction, the project is currently behind of schedule.
Monument, Large
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Jul 2, 2018 14:12 by TJ Trewin

Great visual description of the steel stripes!

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Simple, clean, well described -- I am trying my german commenting skills - how am I doing ? :P

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I really like the description. I think your clean art style would be a great way to make an image to add to the sidebar for it. ;)

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Jul 5, 2018 09:16 by Benjamin Andula

Very clean read and description ! There is only 1 issue in my opinion, probably because I'm an habituated of methodical analysis : It would have been exceptional to have a scheme of the Cone of Transit, and perhaps its placement in comparison to the rest of the exposition (Plan), to have in addition of a visual reference, a spatial visual reference :p

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Those are some good ideas for later additions. I keep away from creating graphics during SummerCamp for now, to not get blocked by it ^^

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Jul 12, 2018 10:40

I like the idea of a society trying to not use magic, its interesting and not something you really see, although I would ask are there any benefits for not using magic? I also have a technical question, how do you do that thing with the text "Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic"

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Wizards are costly to train so finding ways doing it without magic with cheap labor has its advantages. I am not completely sure what you mean.... that is a link within my world, fancied up with some css :)

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Jul 12, 2018 11:19 by Andrew

I like this concept, especially because it's just a way to demonstrate the different construction methods working together. It's a nice read. Good work!

Jul 12, 2018 12:49 by Constance Watson

I could definitely picture this in my head, well done!   A monument still in construction and behind in construction, with some engineers worried about the risks involved. Will be interesting to see if and when the tower is completed!