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The Dowulaheet /dɔwulahiʈ/ Tunnels

A set of 4 tunnels going through the lands of kenouveekove /kɛnɵvikɔv/ (Mountain Rebels) connecting the Rofeetrarruv /ɹɔfiʈraruv/ (Food Controlling Nation) territory together.   Three of the tunnels go under the shallower mountains in the west of the ______ Mountain Range, while the other one goes through the middle of the thicker eastern mountains.


Since the original construction ____ years ago, the tunnels have been expanded as new tech, and demand came about over the years. One of the early alterations was deepening the drainage under the tunnel and drainage into big reservoirs that were to be used by the towns popping up along the route.   Later the with the invention of motorized vehicles, a big project was undertaken to expand to 4 lanes of car traffic, and make separate on and off ramps at each of the cities. Additionally, a second set of tracks was added so trains could be going both ways without awkward stops holding up traffic as one train passed the other. Extra supports were added as well at the time in the deeper parts of the tunnel system.   More recently pumps and locks were added as a back up to the reservoir system to help fight the occasional flooding that would happen during the year.


Originally built for trains with 2 lanes of car traffic, the original tunnels were quite narrow, and raised a few feet off the base so that snow melt could drain down the tunnels. the tunnels themselves were vaguely circular, with frequent air vents, and slightly less frequent one lane exists for wagons that have since been expanded.


The tunnels were originally constructed hundreds of years ago to better connect the Rofeetrarruv Empire before the succession of the kenouveekove allowing for easier movement and communications across the mountains. Due to the age, the tunnels have many points where people can drive up to the surface for air and rest, and at places are quite shallow. As a consequence many towns have grown up around those points which form the core of the kenouveekove nation.   As air travel, and cars became more popular, the towns became centers for dissidents and non-farmers, even some illegal mining in the mountains. The problem was bad enough that the police would have to do tunnel sweeps every few years, and they were widely considered a dangerous if historic trip.   With the kenouveekove succession and the treaty obligating them to police the tunnels, the tunnels have once again become an important part of the continental food distribution network, supplying food easily to the kenouveekove for cheap in compliance with the treaty, as well as an excuse for haulers bringing food to relax a little on the long journey to move the food to various ports and shipping hubs.
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