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The Labyrinth of Apocalypse

There are many contenders for Dracora's most impressive landmark, such as World's End Falls, the ancient city Dra’ma, the modern cities of Turtleback Island, Oasis Islands, and Heartholt, and other sites both natural and crafted.   However, the most truly impressive, is the wonder that only a very few still alive know about.   Hidden deep beneath Dracora, and tunneled from the very rock of the planet itself, is a vast maze imprisoning a creature which could end all life on the world if it ever reaches its goal.

Purpose / Function

The Labyrinth was designed and built by the Wardens of Ruin and serves two vital, interwoven functions. The first purpose is to protect the source of Dracora's life giving magic, The Pearl Egg of Creation, The second is to contain the Nex, Dracora's first and only lich, who's never-ending hunger for life energy and magic constantly draws him towards The Egg.


After its initial construction, the Nex was imprisoned within and the maze sealed. When the Nex made its first escape several years later, the Wardens realized that drastic measures where needed. After intense research and trial, they found a way to magically bind the prison to The Egg it was meant to protect. This was done in such a way that the magic created by The Egg would expand the labyrinth as it expanded the terraforming spell above. The Egg could not be moved from its resting place, and so the maze was designed around it, and continues to spread outward in ever winding passageways, constantly pushing the Nex further away along its edges. As it expands, however, the Labyrinth encounters and connects with natural and constructed caves, tunnels and cracks in the rocks.


It was the first use of ogival arches on a massive scale, and was shaped from the living stone with tools, bare claws, dragonfire, and Breath (magic).


The Labyrinth was first built after the Rise of the Nex, but before the Slayer War, with the exact date being unknown. During the dracolich's first mad rampage, it was discovered that he could not be killed--not even by driving him beyond Dracora and into The Void (the dracorians have no knowledge of his phylactery). The first attempt to cage him was to drop him into the Endless Sea after breaking his limbs, but the undead dragon soon regenerated those and climbed back out. The next try was by freezing, but this only lasted a short while before he shattered the ice, which caused several deaths among his guards due to shrapnel. Both of these methods along with several others were combined to keep him subdued during the construction of the labyrinth, and once completed, and he was refrozen and sealed inside.   The Nex made several more escapes after gaining enough power from other creatures who found their way into the Labyrinth by chance through connecting caves, tunnels, and cracks. Attempts were made to find and seal these, but many repairers never returned from those expeditions.   Over time, the guardians of the Labyrinth and the Nex became known as the Wardens of Ruin. After their destruction during the last major battle of the Slayer Wars, the Labyrinth, already known only in whispered myth and legend, faded into obscurity, and the faults within the prison since then have become more problematic with no one to repair them. It's now only a matter of time before the Nex gathers enough power to escape once more...
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