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Tower du Honore

Purpose / Function

The Tower du Honore stands in the center of the city of Dominus. Nearly 5000 feet high, it is able to see the peaks of the surrounding Kingsblood Mountains. A powerful scrying device sits atop four stone spires, a monstrous diamond roughly the size of a carriage and the shape of an egg rests in place, a golden light circling inside it like a lighthouse, keeping watch over the mountain peaks for potential invaders. It can also be used to monitor specific sections of the city, and has Locate Object and Locate Person spells at its disposal, the range being to the peaks of the Kingsblood mountains.


The tower is the same as it has been for the past two hundred years.


The building appears to be built of the same stone from the Kingsblood mountains, though any mason would tell you the stones are too straight, too perfectly set to be anything short of magic. Inside is nothing. It is empty, save for a teleportation circle from the first floor, to the top. The entrance is known only to the city's Chief Mage and an apprentice.


One powerful wizard spent one year building the tower, another hunting down a diamond big enough and strong enough to handle the magic required, and the rest of his life force enchanting said diamond and tower. The wizard Larhell, was a legendary enchanter and fabled adventurer, hired by the Dominion to construct the most advanced early warning device the world had ever seen.   It took him a year of building the tower that would support the weight of the gem required for such powerful magic, enchanting the very stones to hold the tall but thin tower's weight, then a year of adventuring with his famed party Requisite Quests which found them fighting a pair of ancient red dragons for the giant diamond. Finally, his greatest and most powerful enchantment stole the very life from him, many claiming that he himself is powering the diamond, keeping a watch over his beloved city.
Alternative Names
Honored Tower
Tower, Guard

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