Royal Treasury of Kings

A sea of gold, powerful magic items, ancient tomes and artefacts of a long forgotten world. Images conjured up by hungry thieves and daydreaming children. The Royal Treasury of Kings, the Bottomless Vault; a vast underground treasure room or a doorway to an unending realm of twisting rooms all filled with treasure. But did it truly exists or was it just fanciful dreams of a downtrodden and bored population with too much imagination?

Purpose / Function

The Royal Treasury of Kings is a vault rumoured to lie deep within the bowels of the Royal Palace of Sumner. It is said to hold vast wealth and countless priceless artefacts, all of which are items procured during the reigns of the current ruler of Heldrin, King Thadeus Telvour VIII and all previous kings of Heldrin before him.


The vault has rarely been seen by common folk, only the King and his direct blood relatives are allowed to view the vault and it is only opened in rare circumstances to either add to the collection or retrieve an item of importance. So details are vague regarding its appearance. Some say it is a vast archway with huge brass doors that only open when royal blood touches its handle. While others have described it as a simple wooden door, unremarkable and easily confused with a janitors closet or pantry.   The inside of the vault is a debate that rages even harder than the doorway, some believe that rows upon rows of stacked shelving spread out for miles under the earth beneath the city. Others have more fanciful theories on how the vault can hold such unfathomable amounts of wealth. Theories that state that the door actually leads to a shifting realm, unending in space, one that has countless doors, walkways, vaults, safes, shelves, nooks, and crannies. Many stuffed with the treasures of kings; gold, jewels, magical staves, rings, and potions, long lost art, and divine artefacts of ages past.


Much like the contents of the vault itself, the history of The Royal Treasury of Kings is vague and up for debate. Many believe the city and the Royal Palace was actually built upon it, the vault itself having actually been there for millennia unknown to anyone. But upon discovery, the first king of Sumner couldn't pass up the chance on such a rare and useful tool, deciding to build his throne atop the vault. Others think it was built like any other vault or treasury in the world albeit on a larger scale.
Alternative Names
The Bottomless Vault
Bank / Treasury
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Cover image: Treasure Room by Herve Groussin


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