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"I've never seen a city such as it, it has its own kind of life. It grows everytime you look away, from moment to moment it could swallow up another swatch of land. Used up in its never-ending hunger to expand." - Travelling Bard   You could walk for days and never reach the borders of Sumner, stretching for hundreds of kilometres in all directions it is by far the largest and hungriest city you will ever meet. The capital city of Heldrin, it is impossible in size, you can, without lying, probably find anything within its borders, the trick is being able to find it within a single lifetime and not become lost.   While the city does have a district map available for citizens it is almost worthless to keep a map as buildings and streets come and go so frequently that you'd have to purchase a new one every year or so. Though there are a number of established businesses and abodes that have stayed for many years. Including, and arguably, most important is the Royal Palace a sprawling castle and courtyard. This is where Heldrins seat of power resides and where King Thadeus Telvour VIII currently rules from.   Of course, that means the city also have hundreds of myths and stories being told within. One such legend speaks of an enormous dragon that lies comfortably beneath the city atop a massive dessert of gold, awaiting that fateful nudge that will send it into a greedy rage, destroying all those who live above. Or the fabled Treasury of Kings, a vault said to be owned by the Kings of Heldrin past, located somewhere within the Royal Palace it is rumoured to hold the worlds largest collection of valuables; art, magical items, gold, and more. Some even the vault isn't even a real one, some believe that the door to the vault simple leads to a realm of unending treasures.


Since Sumner is the Capital of Heldrin it is directly ruled by King Thadeus Telvour VIII, though it has become so large it has become nearly impossible to govern the entire city from the royal courts. In response to this, the King has granted governorship of the cities numerous districts to a number of nobles and politicians who work in his court. These Governors rule each district as if it were a city unto itself, though they must follow the direct orders of the King upon calling they are left to run each district as they see fit. Most of these Governors rule fairly as they know the King's punishment is severe if they were to ever disobey his wishes.


The city stretches out for hundreds of kilometres in every direction, encircling a huge area in central Heldrin. Once the borders of the city fade vast fields and hundreds of farms surround the city in their attempts to feed a city whose hunger is never satisfied.
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The City with No Borders
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