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The Broken Snake

The Largest Wonder in the World

Standing nearly 150 feet tall at the southern border of The Red Tundra and at the western base of Barringrock Mountains is what appears to be the remains of a gigantic statue of a snake. The top portion of the snake is missing, hence the name of the statue. Even in its current condition, the statue is easily the tallest man-made structure anywhere in Ishinet. When considering how tall the statue must have originally been, most scholars assume the statue was at least 225 feet tall.

Purpose / Function

The vast majority of the sentient population of Ishinet has no idea who or why this statue exists. No evidence has ever been discovered to help lead scholars to determine what civilization or culture built the statue, or what its original purpose may have been. Most just come to see the marvel of the world and wonder what it might mean.


No one has altered the statue itself, but a large city has developed in the nearby border town of Vralkur . The orc city has grown to be a major trade center in the heart of Ishinet.


The statue is carved from large blocks of granite that interlock on the interior of the statue. The seams between the blocks are nearly impossible to find by all but the most accomplished stonemasons.
Alternative Names
The Snake
Owning Organization

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