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Zsolka Empire

The Zsolka Empire is the largest and most powerful empire to ever grace the world of Ishinet. At its height of power, the yuan-ti nation controlled nearly the entire world. None could withstand the might and ferocity the snakemen could bring to bear. As with most entities of great power, the only thing that could bring down the Zsolka Empire was itself.


The beginnings of the empire can be traced back to Zsasha Zsolka . She was a yuan-ti abomination whose ambition knew no bounds. She grew to power within her tribe, then began to bring other tribes of yuan-ti under her control as well. She would eventually install herself of the empress of what she now called the Zsolka Empire. When later generations of yuan-ti would establish the calendar, still used to this day in Ishinet, they would set the year of Zsasha's birth as year 1.   Zsasha's reign as empress officially began on her 25th birthday (Zsolka 9th). Deep within the jungles of what is now the Dirisia Wilds Zsasha accepted fealty from the leaders of the other 12 major tribes of yuan-ti, and the Zsolka Empire was born. By her 50th birthday, Zsasha had expanded the empire all the way north and east to The Barringrock Mountains and west to the ocean shores. The Empire would continue to expand from there, growing to cover the vast majority of Ishinet, and be the dominant force in the world for nearly 2000 years. The last great Empress of the empire was Sseztasha Zsolka. She came to power with the death of her mother in the year 1556. She lead the Zsolka Empire through the height of its power. By this time, they had achieved feats of magic that are the wonders of the world to this day. The vast majority of the magic items and artifacts that can be found now are the result of the Zsolka Empire and their artisans.   The decline of the empire began on Ssimalli 13th, 1606. On this day, the yuan-ti abomination Meksah Shilsuzhas assassinated Sseztasha and attempted to use her body in an ancient, macabre ritual in hopes of transforming himself into an anathema and transcending into godhood. He hoped to install himself as the new God-Emperor and subjugate the world.   While his attempts that day were thwarted and the body of Sseztasha was saved, Meksah would be a thorn in the side of the empire from that day forward.
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Controlled Territories

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