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The Scorched Empress

Between the borders of Drakenguard and Alterra, carved into the northern side of the Scorched Queen's Spire resides a craving from which the mountain gets its name sake. The giant carving, streaked with black lines, is able to be seen from upwards of 35-40 miles away on a clear day from the peaks of the outer hills. These hills, the Queen's Summit are the only way one is able to view the carving, as if one travels closer they will find that the land turns twist and darken, showing signs of the terrible beasts the lie within. No one who has tried to venture close to it has ever come back to tell their tale.

Purpose / Function

The carving seems to be paying homage to some king. Whoever he was has been lost to time, and if an inscription survives to tell his tale resides on the base no one dares tread close enough to read it.


The carving itself is of what seems to be a feminine figure in full plate, beneath the arms appears to be decorations that resemble wings. In their left hand they hold their sword high in the sky as if declaring triumph over something, perhaps the land itself. Their right hand clasps their helmet and holds it close to their side. Its face is too far to make out the details on it, its wind swept hair is the only thing that people seem to be able to make out. The carving is far larger than any reasonable thing would be, crawling up to the Spire's northern peak. Its bright white features sticking out against its reddish brown stone backdrop.


The statue must have been from before The Calamity as it bears the marks of fire that often cover the ruins from before the age of reclamation. Many presume it to be a statue of the greatest leader of Domhnall.
Monument / Statue, Large

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