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The crystal spire

The spire


Noone knows who, or what built the spire. From the first moment we arrived, it was there. Towering above the valley and trying to reach out and touch the sky. Time hasn't seemed to affect it at all, but it must be at least centuries old.



We had never seen anything like it before. The semitransparent crystal making up the spire caught the rays from the setting sun and cast a dim light all over the valley, lighting up what would otherwise have long since been cast in darkness. Without it, I doubt any of the plants would survive down here. Instead, the valley is full of life of all its sizes. You can't, however, say the same with the area immediately surrounding the spire. As you get closer to the looming structure fewer plants grow and the animals refuse to venture out beyond the treeline. At first, we thought the light simply didn't reach the ground there, but that was quickly disproven. We have yet to find an explanation.

The spire

The spire itself reaches several hundred meters into the air. It consists of one big drop shaped tower with four smaller coming out of the main body to about halfway up the main tower. Depending on how the light hits it at different times it can look everything from a light blue to a deep pink or even grey in color. All throughout the five points are small holes presumed to be some kind of caves. The biggest ones are located near the base.


People who have walked closer to the tower to try investigating it, have all quickly returned. They all report what at first was just a small feeling in the back of their head, only to quickly spread and getting worse the closer they got. Scared and in pain they returned to our camp seeking help, only to find nothing was wrong with them and the feeling to be gone. Even if we managed to get close to the spire, however, there doesn't seem to be any way to reach it for us. The hills around it are steep with no way to safely climb them.

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article!
This was made during the Summer Camp 2018 challenge. I won't be editing any of these to keep them for looking back on. That being said some I'm really not happy with, so I'll most likely put up an edited version at some point. If I do you will be able to find the link on the top of the page

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