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High Hall

Very little is known of where the Tuatha de Dannan took refuge when not out adventuring. For many scholars, this is even more puzzling given their seemed ability to be able to walk the span of Thea in a single night without tiring. However, a lucky few of the day were allowed into the sanctum of the deDannan as guests, sworn to secrecy as to its location, though still able to plant the rumors of the guilds mountain top fortress, shrouded in ice and mist.

Today the large complex of High Hall lies mostly undisturbed and uninhabited, perched on the slopes of Carraig is Airde Peak. For now it is out of reach of even the most foolhardy of adventurers that would claim it.

Rooms of High Hall:
Common Room
Dining Room
Entry Hall
Grand Hall
Guest Rooms
Meeting Room
Portal Door
Servant Rooms
Sparring Ring
Storage Rooms

Purpose / Function

During the first age, High Hall acted as the headquarters for the deDannan, an impregnable mountain top fortress to give them rest from the world and their enemies, repair equipment, train their skills, and hold their vast wealth of gold, gems, and magical artifacts.


Most of High Hall lies under the mountain peak, its many halls and rooms hewn and carved into the grey stone of the mountain. The few structures that breach the surface are mad of the same rock, making it surprisingly difficult to spot at a distance. As it is now, its halls lie mostly bare, the plain smooth stones, columns and arches unadorned. At its height of use, however, it is expected that the floors and walls would have been covered in fine and rare tapestries and rugs, riches accrued by the deDannan over their careers.
Great hall
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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